Sonntag, 25. August 2019
Saarbrücken / Von der Heydt

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Relive 250 years of coal mining in one day

For many early coal miners, the way to work implied a long foot march. With no other means to reach the mines, miners would have to cross long distances on trails, a practice that carried on well into the early 20th century. Hence the term “Hartfüßler” became popular as an honorable title, given to these “people with hard feet”.
The Hartfüßler Trail stands as a reminder of this era and its cultural heritage.



Online registration is open until 17/08/2019 on the registration website. Registration on site (fees differ) will only be possible if contingencies remain.

Registration fees

Trail 7,5 km 14 km / NW 30 km 58 km
On-site registration (not later than 30 minutes before start) is only possible if contingencies remain.
Registration until 17/08/2019 12€ 18€ 30€ 40€
On-site Registration 20€ 25€ 40€ 50€


Participants in the 7.5 km, 14 km, 30 km, 58 km trails and Nordic walking receive

  • medal
  • Race number and chip
  • Certificate on site and to download on website
  • Online results
  • Event T-Shirt (optionally ordered at registration)
  • Beverages (race, start/finish)
  • Medical service (race, start/finish)
  • Control points on strategic locations
  • Finisher awards

Trail runners of 30km and 58 km additionally receive:

  • Liquid and solid food (1st point: only liquids!)
  • Pasta / post-race meal
  • massage
  • Accommodation at event site possible (reservation obligatory via email:


Departure and arrival

Saarbrücken / Von der Heydt
Schule für soziale Entwicklung (School for social development)

Von der Heydt 9a, 66115 Saarbrücken (Address for navigational devices!)


  • Trail 7,5 km (7,74 km et 194 m D+)
  • Trail 14 km (13,56 km et 296 m D+)
  • Trail 30 km (31,62 km et 924 m D+)
  • Trail 58 km (58,95 km et 1654 m D+)
  • Nordic walking 14 km (cours Trail 14 km)

Time of depature

Trail 58 km: 8H00
Trail 30 km and NW 14 km: 10H00
Trail 7,5 km, 14 km : 11H00

Briefing 15 minutes before respective departure times, Nordic walkers start after runners . Time limit for arrival (all participants): 5pm

Hand out of race numbers

Taking place on Saturday  from 5pm to 7pm and on Sunday  from 7:00 pm until 30 minutes before the start of the respective race at the event location.


At the first Station (St1) only water and isotonic beverages will be provided. Starting at the second station, we will additionally provide bananas, melons, cucumbers, bretzels, energy bars, bread, sausages, cheese and cake. Starting at the third station there will also be coke, beer and malt beer. At the fifth station we will provide you regional specialties an additional supplement.

St1 8,6 km
St2 19,8 km
St3 29,0 km (Trail 58 km only)
St4 39,3 km (Trail 58 km only)
St5 47,4 km (23 km for runners Trail 30 km)

Attention! No cups will be provided. Bring your own cups (see equipment)

time limits :

Trail 30 km: 5,5 h (time limit km 19,8 at 14H00)
Trail 58 km: 9 h (time limit Göttelborn km 29 (St3) at 12H15 and St5 Brücke Bahnhof Neuhaus km 47,4 at 15H45)

Tracks GPS

Trail 58 km
Trail 30 km
Trail 14 km
Trail 7,5 km

Event T-shirt

You can order the T-Shirt if you register online until 08. August.


Showers, changing rooms, lockers

On site of event location


Accommodation is possible at the event location (gym of school). On Sunday a small breakfast will be provided for runners (croissant or cookie with coffee). Instructions will be given when numbers are handed out on Saturday until 7 pm. Reservation is obligatory via e-mail:

Obligatory equipment (30km and 58km trail)

  • Personal cup
  • Mobile phone with saved emergency number (which you will find on your race number)
  • Water reserves of at least 1 liter
  • Rain gear according to metrological conditions

Emergency call number for participants

The phone numbers to call our security officer and the event director in case of emergency will be indicated on the race numbers.